Our Services

For the Business

Families ~ Corporations ~ Institutions Selective Compensation Programs

  • Deferred compensations and 401k plans – shelter income from current taxes
  • Salary continuation plans – receive tax free income
  • Split-dollar insurance – minimize out of pocket costs using corporate leverage
  • Pension/Profit-sharing plans – designed to favor owners and key employees
  • Key-person insurance – prevent severe economic loss to business

Ownership Transference Techniques

  • Buy/Sell Funding – guarantee a buyer for your business
  • Stock redemption – insure sale price and funding
  • Recapitalization – shift tax liability on future corporate growth
  • Installment sale – amortize your tax liability
  • Private annuity – sell your business and receive a lifetime income
  • Shareholder liquidity and capital formation

Group Benefits

  • Financial planning seminars counseling
  • Group life, health and disability insurance
  • Employee benefit cost control

Special Services

  • Assistance in business valuation to facilitate sale or for estate tax considerations
  • Incorporation feasibility studies
  • Financial counseling – coordinate all financial goals with fringe benefit analysis Pension fund management selection and evaluation

Wealth Management

  • Employee stock option exercises
  • Alternative investments
  • Restricted and control stock sales
  • Liquidity solutions, hedging strategies
  • Loan advance and credit advance
  • Asset protection

For the Family

Retirement Planning

  • Pension maximization
  • Retirement timing
  • 10 year cash flow projections
  • Determination of income and capital need
  • Capital accumulation

Education Planning

  • Projections of college expenses
  • Funding strategies
  • Gifting

Investment Planning

  • Goal and strategy determination
  • Asset diversification
  • Risk-Reward analysis
  • Performance Monitoring

Fringe Benefit Planning

  • Contingency planning for disability
  • Minimizing dependence on company benefits
  • Utilization of company savings plan

Tax Planning

  • Maximizing deductions 
  • Tax-advantaged investments
  • Tax reductions strategies
  • Proper utilization of tax law change

Estate Planning

  • Tax minimization
  • Family survivor income
  • Liquidity sufficiency
  • Property titling and ownership planning
  • Survivor asset management
  • Estate distribution planning
  • Trust planning and administration
  • Charitable/Philanthropic strategies